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February 2, 2018
by tiger

Where would your Journey take you?


Journey is a children’s wordless picture book written and illustrated by Aaron Becker.

Through pictures alone, the book tells the story of a lonely girl who uses a red crayon to escape from a mundane world into a magical adventure.

Across the entire school, we have enjoyed this story, imagined our own magical worlds and invented some crazy contraptions.

Year 4 were selected to show their writing journey – and we now have a beautiful display in the library area. Please come and see it!

Here are a few pictures to tempt you in…









Added : Mrs Clarke was so impressed with this display that she took a photo and sent it to the author! Aaron Becker said, “Wow! What a display and what hard work everyone did!”

January 22, 2018
by tiger

Science – we discovered the tooth!

Hello all!

Tiger’s Class have been very scientific over the past week. On Friday 12th January, they set up an experiment to discover the outcome on sugars on tooth enamel. Now, we are not amateur dentists, so we decided to us a similar material to make our conclusions.

We took 7 hard boiled eggs and immersed all but one in various liquids – milk, water, sugar-free squash, normal squash, orange juice and coke. We then left them for an entire week to see what would happen to the shell of the eggs.

What was surprising was that we’d all predicted that the coke would have the biggest effect – in actual fact it just dyed the outside brown, whereas the sugar-free option had the most disturbing change!

December 13, 2017
by tiger

Tiger Photo frames DT

Hopefully, you will now have seen the fabulous photoframes Tigers have been busy making. The children have really enjoyed measuring, sawing and making their wooden frames. They have learnt new skills and used them to good effect in this Design Technology project. I hope that the frames are now in pride of place at home somewhere!

November 1, 2017
by tiger
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What a fabulous half term – Tigers

What a fabulous first half term we have had as Tigers! It has been great finding out more about each other and getting used to life in year 4 with all of the new challenges and opportunities it brings. Mrs Fisher and Mrs Berry have been pleased with everybody’s positive start to the year and with the enthusiasm the children have brought to their work. As our topic has been ‘Where in the World?’, Tigers have been becoming experts in geographical skills including identifying key biomes such as deserts and rainforests. They have also looked at some of the key ways animals have adapted to living in different environments. In Science this has led to children looking at habitats and how we can classify leaves and animals according to their characteristics. There has been lots of fun and practical activities as you can see from the pictures below.




November 11, 2016
by tiger

Tigers watch Phil Earle on Children’s Authors Live


We enjoyed watching a live video stream of an interview with Phil Earle who wrote class readers Superhero Street . We learnt he liked Frazzles and he started writing when he was older because when he was younger he didn’t like reading and writing. He wanted to be a footballer but he ate to many frazzles. Phil really enjoys writing and he said there is a story behind every door .

Elsie. W and Isla. R

October 2, 2015
by tiger


This term Tigers have been following the Rugby World Cup in our topic Scrumtastic! Mr Filby has been coaching us in tag rugby for our games sessions and we have been learning all about Sportsmanship, keeping healthy and New Zealand. Each class in year 3 and 4 has drawn a pool from the world cup to follow and Tigers class picked pool B. We have been keeping track of the scores of all the matches and researching the 5 countries. Several members of the class have also been lucky enough to go and watch some games live! Fingers crossed our teams will do well in the quarter finals!

March 18, 2015
by tiger

Class Worship

Today we performed our class worship on empathy which was based on the book “The Day The Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt.  We were pleased to see so many of our parents there , even though you made some of us nervous!  We worked hard on learning our lines, the song and the dance so we were really glad that everybody enjoyed it so much. And yes, Mrs Lane and Mrs Spencer have stopped stressing now.

Tiger’s (very relieved) Class

March 11, 2015
by tiger

World Book Day

On World Book Day, instead of dressing up as a characters from a books, we wore our PJs as the theme was bed time stories. Throughout the day, we did lots of book related activities also, some of us brought in teddy’s, our favourite books, dressing gowns and slippers. While we were in our pyjamas, we made up our own night time stories, which were about Vikings, knights, dragons etc. The author we concentrated on was Jeannie Willis, these are some of the books she wrote: Daft Bat, Dozy Mare, Grill Pan Mare, I hate School and Who’s In The LOO?

We had a brilliant and happy day!


Tigers Class

February 12, 2015
by tiger


We’ve all had a great first day at Liddington! The children have all taken part in archery and canoeing. I’m pleased to report that no-one fell in the lake and several bulls eyes were scored! Other activities have included fencing, archery, climbing and quad biking! The food has been delicious, the hot lunch in particular was much appreciated and everyone has found something they like and eaten well. The day was rounded off with a team quiz. All the children are now tucked up in bed and fast asleep… Well nearly! Looking forward to another fun packed day tomorrow!

January 9, 2015
by tiger

French day

On Monday the 5th of January year 3/4 we had a exciting French day. We  learnt about jack and the beanstalk-in French.

We also learnt most of the body parts and did a word search also we learnt a song called the Laver machine. Last of all we learnt French directions.

It was a really fun day and we are looking forward to the rest of the topic.