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June 27, 2018
by tiger

Year 4 Displays

Year 4 have created some amazing displays in the link and upstairs. If you get the chance to see them, we hope you like them! Here are a few photos…


April 27, 2018
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Morning everyone! (Plus day 2 update!)


Yesterday we had a full day of fire, orienteering and Viking games, dressing up as Vikings and a fantastic feast!

We all slept well, and sorted out bedding and bags all before breakfast!

We will see you all with our Viking tales later today…

April 26, 2018
by tiger

Our first night…

Good morning!

After an eventful day of Berserking, Long Boat rowing, marauding and fighting, our Whitchurch Vikings were ready for bed!

We washed off the tribal war paint and brushed our teeth. We had eaten well during the day, so with full stomachs and dreams of treasure most had a fantastic nights sleep.

Let’s see what day two brings…!

March 28, 2018
by tiger

Wind in the Willows

It is hard to think that only a week ago Tigers were in full swing of performing our Year 4 production of Wind in the Willows. They really did us proud on the final polished performances! I am sure that you were just as proud as us to see how confidently they all acted and how enthusiastically they sang. Memories of fun and laughter from rehearsals and the shows will stay with us all for a very long time. Below are some excerpts from the reviews of some of the children in Tigers class.




I was recently involved in the year 3 / 4 production of Wind in the Willows! Mole and Toad were two of my favourite characters because I really liked their funny costumes and the enthusiastic voices they put on. The interesting props were very decorative and I especially liked the motor-car, one side was green for Rupert and Monica and the other was red for Toad.

The younger audience laughed most when Toad called the policeman, “You nincompoop”! The scene I liked was “He can’t be stopped” because Toad marched around shaking people’s hands and waving at the audience. I think all the audiences liked our performances. – Emily


Recently my year group and year 3 performed a production of Wind in the Willows to the school and our parents. Wind in the Willows is from an old book by Kenneth Grahame. It has been used for plays, films books and theatre productions.

My favourite part of the play was Scene 3 in Act 2 and scene 7 in Act 2 because they were both funny and interesting. Because everyone sang cheerfully and it had actions, my favourite song was King of the Road. Everyone had great costumes but Toad’s was great because it was very interactive.

There are four main characters- Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger. They are friends who try to stop Toad from driving because he is not very safe. Toad insists on driving a motor car and has lots of adventures because of it. – Maisie


This year my year group have done a production of Wind in the Willows. In the play I was someone posh called Rupert. My favourite character was Toad played by Molly because she steals my car. The song Chase is really funny because it looks great fun when it goes all the way around the audience – Charlie


We performed Wind in the Willows to the whole school. Some parents and lots of children thought it was funny when Toad said nincompoop! – Lucas


The year 3 and 4 classes have just performed Wind in the Willows. There are three main characters, Toad, Mole and Ratty. Toad is pretty funny. I like it when he is jail. I played a woodland creature. Miss Prouten helped with all the props. – Ozzy


My favourite character was Toad. It was funny how he said rude things like nincompoop. My favourite song was Twenty Years but Chase Chase was difficult to sing because it was so fast.- Samuel


I was a woodland creature, a wild wooder and a party animal. Firstly, a  woodland creature was a joyful furry friend that was bouncy and happy and always willing to have fun. Secondly, a wild wooder was a nasty, selfish creature that haunted the gloomy, stormy wild woods and scared small animals half to death! My last part (a party animal) was my least favourite part. You had to dance. Although I do lots of dancing outside of school, I still get scared to do dancing in front of children because they can be quite judgemental. If I could have been another part I would have liked Mr Badger because he does not have too many lines. – Heidi


Recently we did a production of Wind in the Willows. It is about lots of animals and Toad who likes motor cars. My favourite character was Toad who was really funny. I liked the song Chase Chase. The play was lots of fun. I was a stoat called Harry. – Connor


My favourite part in the production was when Chief Weasel has a birthday party but it doesn’t quite go according to plan because Badger, Ratty Mole and Toad burst in and chase them all out.

My two favourite costumes in the show were Toad’s because it had a tail coat and bumpy face paint and Dylan’s tree costume because the mask was really good.

My favourite song was Life of Luxury. I really like the line “Darling, I love your eau de cologne”. I think the audience liked Twenty Years the best because my mum said she liked Bernie’s solo and that she had a really nice voice.

My favourite character was Maisie as the prisoner because she had a really good Cockney accent. – Cate


Recently Year 4 and we put on a production of Wind in the Willows with me as Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad. My favourite part of the play was Mole in a dress. It was hilarious. My favourite song was Life of Luxury because with the year 3s stood on benches I could have a little dance and nobody could see me! – Owen K


I enjoyed our production because it was funny and had lots of action in it. I also liked the songs.

I liked the part where Toad went to court. Twenty Years, the song, has lots of actions in it. Although most of the song is sung by solos the chorus is sung by the choir and it has lots of actions in it. It is very energetic. – Miriam


Recently my year group acted in a performance called Wind in the Willows. I liked going onto the stage at the finale so that we could all have a little fun and dance! The audience must have liked our performance because they all really applauded at the end. Nearly all of the audience laughed when Toda said nincompoop. Toad’s costume was my favourite because it looked so accurate and “Toady”,

My favourite character was Sarge as he had some funny lines. I was the barge woman that Toad stole the horse from. I had to come on stage twice. – Robyn


My favourite parts were the stoats as they were really funny. Their song-We’re the Stoats- was my favourite because they sounded really bossy. I really liked my part of a tree in the Wild Wood although it did make my arms ache. – Dylan


My favourite part of the production is when I stamp on stage and I have to kick. I found it really hard at the beginning but them it became easy peasy. The audience laughed at us and our jokes and actions. My favourite song was Twenty Years because I liked the actions. My favourite lines were “Allo, allo, allo, What have we here.” – Charlie


Our performance was amazing. I was Chief Weasel. In rehearsals we had to stop a million times which was kind of frustrating but on the big night it was amazing. – Bronwyn


In recent events, Whitchurch Primary school have been working hard on a production of Wind in the Willows. It was originally written by Kenneth Grahame and is now open to schools for performing. I played the part of one of the narrators making the story easy to understand. My mum noticed that I sounded posh and clear when speaking! My costume was a lovely party dress with stripy tights. The parents in the audience did a great job with all of the costumes. My favourite character was Otter because I love otters, big and small! I would like to thank everyone who was part of making it come together. Mrs Fisher, Mrs Berry and Miss Colyer did the acting with us. Miss Prouten did the FAB props and Mrs Spencer helped with the amazing singing. The song Life of Luxury was very bouncy but We’re the Stoats was the hardest to sing due to the very quick chorus. I am glad that the donations went to Naomi House and Jack’s place at the end. – Millie


My favourite part was when Toad went to jail because his face was really funny. I was a weasel. My favourite costume was Chief Weasel’s. – Jack


In the year 3 /4 production of Wind in the Willows I was a train driver and enjoyed it a lot as I got to run about the stage. My favourite song was Chase Chase as that was when I got to run around. It was a difficult song to sing because it was so fast.

My favourite song was Home Sweet Home because it was a nice peaceful song. Mrs Fisher, Mrs Berry, Miss Colyer, Miss Prouten and Mrs Parks helped us with our performance. – Daniel


I was Sarge Stoat and it was so cool as we sang songs and did acting. In rehearsals it was quite funny because we were awful at the start of acting and kept getting it wrong but we pulled it off in some of the rehearsals and were great for the performances. – Matthew


The hardest song to sing was Home Sweet Home because we did not know when to come in! I think the grownups liked the Stoat song best. My character was delivery man 2 and I helped give Toad an amazing car. – George R


My favourite song was Cheer Up Toad which Lily sang when she was Daisy. I was a river person and I was seen in Act 1 Scene 1. – Ryley


Recently I was in a fantastic play called Wind in the Willows. My part in the play was a woodland creature, a wild wooder and a party animal. Year 3 did the singing and year 4 did the acting. The audience laughed when Toad called the policeman a nincompoop, when Ratty said “There’s definitely something cheesy over here!” and when Mole and Ratty dragged Toad off of the stage. – Olivia


I will guarantee that the most favourite part of the performance for the year 4s was when we could all go on stage and have fun while the year 3s sang their hearts out! – Isabelle


The audience laughed when Nancy said “Nah! Babble and squeak” in the song Cheer up, Toad. They also liked Ratty saying “There’s definitely something cheesy over here”. My part was Bert. I was a stoat. I got to tell a joke which the year Rs and year 1s really liked. – Thomas


My four favourite characters were Mole, Ratty, Toad and Badger. Mole had a lot of expression in his voice and good facial expressions. Toad had an amazing posh accent and Ratty and Badger had clear and expressive voices. I played Sally in a prison scene with Maisie and Nancy. Our scene got a good old laugh! I had a solo to sing. Wow! – Lily


One of my favourite parts of the production is when Mole and Ratty get into the boat. I liked it when Mole said that he has never been in a boat before and Ratty is shocked. My favourite character was Mole because I really like moles and I think they are funny. – George B


My part was Ratty. I had a solo part in one of the songs. In Bright Canary yellow Gypsy Caravan I had to sing,” Me Moly and Toad, Out on the road, Happy Together.” – Eleanor


Recently, Year 3 and 4 did a performance of Wind in the Willows and I was involved it. I was the Clerk and I sent Toad to prison. My favourite song was Twenty years because it was my solo song.  The costumes were very good as well, especially Toad who looked almost exactly like the pictures of him in the books. – Owen B


A huge thank you to the parents for helping the children to learn their lines and for providing such great costumes, your support is really appreciated.



February 2, 2018
by tiger
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Where would your Journey take you?


Journey is a children’s wordless picture book written and illustrated by Aaron Becker.

Through pictures alone, the book tells the story of a lonely girl who uses a red crayon to escape from a mundane world into a magical adventure.

Across the entire school, we have enjoyed this story, imagined our own magical worlds and invented some crazy contraptions.

Year 4 were selected to show their writing journey – and we now have a beautiful display in the library area. Please come and see it!

Here are a few pictures to tempt you in…









Added : Mrs Clarke was so impressed with this display that she took a photo and sent it to the author! Aaron Becker said, “Wow! What a display and what hard work everyone did!”

January 22, 2018
by tiger

Science – we discovered the tooth!

Hello all!

Tiger’s Class have been very scientific over the past week. On Friday 12th January, they set up an experiment to discover the outcome on sugars on tooth enamel. Now, we are not amateur dentists, so we decided to us a similar material to make our conclusions.

We took 7 hard boiled eggs and immersed all but one in various liquids – milk, water, sugar-free squash, normal squash, orange juice and coke. We then left them for an entire week to see what would happen to the shell of the eggs.

What was surprising was that we’d all predicted that the coke would have the biggest effect – in actual fact it just dyed the outside brown, whereas the sugar-free option had the most disturbing change!

December 13, 2017
by tiger

Tiger Photo frames DT

Hopefully, you will now have seen the fabulous photoframes Tigers have been busy making. The children have really enjoyed measuring, sawing and making their wooden frames. They have learnt new skills and used them to good effect in this Design Technology project. I hope that the frames are now in pride of place at home somewhere!

November 1, 2017
by tiger
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What a fabulous half term – Tigers

What a fabulous first half term we have had as Tigers! It has been great finding out more about each other and getting used to life in year 4 with all of the new challenges and opportunities it brings. Mrs Fisher and Mrs Berry have been pleased with everybody’s positive start to the year and with the enthusiasm the children have brought to their work. As our topic has been ‘Where in the World?’, Tigers have been becoming experts in geographical skills including identifying key biomes such as deserts and rainforests. They have also looked at some of the key ways animals have adapted to living in different environments. In Science this has led to children looking at habitats and how we can classify leaves and animals according to their characteristics. There has been lots of fun and practical activities as you can see from the pictures below.




November 11, 2016
by tiger

Tigers watch Phil Earle on Children’s Authors Live


We enjoyed watching a live video stream of an interview with Phil Earle who wrote class readers Superhero Street . We learnt he liked Frazzles and he started writing when he was older because when he was younger he didn’t like reading and writing. He wanted to be a footballer but he ate to many frazzles. Phil really enjoys writing and he said there is a story behind every door .

Elsie. W and Isla. R

October 2, 2015
by tiger


This term Tigers have been following the Rugby World Cup in our topic Scrumtastic! Mr Filby has been coaching us in tag rugby for our games sessions and we have been learning all about Sportsmanship, keeping healthy and New Zealand. Each class in year 3 and 4 has drawn a pool from the world cup to follow and Tigers class picked pool B. We have been keeping track of the scores of all the matches and researching the 5 countries. Several members of the class have also been lucky enough to go and watch some games live! Fingers crossed our teams will do well in the quarter finals!