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July 18, 2016
by seal

Monet, Monet, Monet…

Hello – or should that be Bonjour?!

Our topic on Monet was so interesting- we learned some French language and really immersed ourselves in the water colour art work. Our gallery was very pretty.

mr blog 6

The role play was Monet’s studio, complete with garden, shutters, paints and a place for ‘dejeuner’.

mr blog 3 mr blog 4 mr blog 5

The children were only allowed in when the sign was around the right way.

mr blog 1 mr blog 2

A toute a l’heure!

July 18, 2016
by seal

Art Week Canvas


For Art Week, the entire school was given the topic of Creation, and Seal Class looked at People within this topic.

Mrs Rix chose the medium of Collage for us to work on, so we used different papers and ripping techniques to experiment.

awblog2 awblog4 awblog3 awblog1

We moved into different classes to use other art mediums, such as paint and printing, which was really fun. We also went outside to create our own natural faces.

awblog5 awblog6 awblog7

Returning to the classroom for the last two days meant that we could now really focus on how we wanted our collage and the final canvas to look. We used lots of glue and the room was filled with torn paper.

awblog01 awblog02 awblog9 awblog8

Our end result was a beautiful canvas full of wonderful faces.

aw blog 1awblog03 awblog04


July 18, 2016
by seal

1960s Space Race Aces!


This was our 1960s topic – where we started with a timeline and then went on to discover what an amazing time in history this was. We particularly enjoyed learning about Martin Luther-King and we thought of what our dreams for the world would be.

60 blog 3

We had an ICT lesson to find out some amazing 1960s facts and were able to sort them into date order when we all worked together.

60 blog 01 60 blog 02 60 blog 03 60 blog 04 60 blog 05 60 blog 06

We really loved to hear about space and the Apollo 11 trip to the moon – so much that we decided our role play area should be about flying to the moon! In our literacy work, we wrote of aliens.

60 blog 1 60 blog 2

We studied the artist Roy Lichtenstein and used his techniques with Ben Day dots to create our own portraits. We were only able to use a limited range of colours, which meant that our display was very bright!

60 blog 4

roy blog 1 roy blog 2 roy blog 3 roy blog 4 roy blog 5 roy blog 6



July 17, 2016
by seal

Book Talk 2016


Seal Class really enjoy to read, so when Book Talk was introduced as a new lesson in 2016, they absolutely loved it!

For half an hour every day, a few pages were read and discussed by the class – looking at vocabulary, what was liked and disliked, questioning what had happened and what was going to happen. The children were all encouraged to have their opinions and to share ideas with the whole class.

We looked at fiction and non-fiction books, and these were just three of the books we enjoyed;

Esio Trot, Don’t Forget Tiggs and Mango and Bambang


bt blog 1 bt blog 2 bt blog 3

Carry on reading, Seals!



July 14, 2016
by seal

March Maths and the 3D Challenge!


Our class always enjoy a practical maths lesson, so using lolly sticks and masking tape meant that we learned more about 3D shapes and properties.

m blog 1 m blog 2 m blog 3 m blog 4 m blog 5 m blog 6 m blog 7 m blog 8 m blog 9 m blog 10 m blog 11 m blog 12

Some shapes were easier to make than others, but fortunately no one got stuck to their shape!

Well done, Seals.

July 14, 2016
by seal

Roald Dahl – World Book Day


March arrived, and along with it World Book Day. To celebrate the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl, the children were asked to dress as his book characters.

Roald Dahl blog  Author, Roald Dahl


We had been reading Esio Trot in BookTalk so everyone was very excited to be dressed up on the day.

rd blog 3 rd blog 2 rd blog 1

What a peculiar sight!

July 14, 2016
by seal

Titanic Topic


Here is a look back at our Titanic topic, which Seal Class really enjoyed working on…

First, we look at artefacts from the Titanic and had the opportunity to try on some fancy headwear! We used these photographs to create Titanic Portraits using charcoal. It was very messy!

t blog 1 t blog 2 t blog 3 t blog 4 t blog 5 t blog 6 t blog 7 t blog 8


t blog 1

For science, we investigated how to make a ship that would float using materials in the classroom and some creative junk modelling. Some ideas were better than others, and we thought hard about how we would improve on our models if we made them again.

t blog 15 t blog 16 t blog 14 t blog 13 t blog 12 t blog 11

We also looked at the art work of Joseph Turner and used his techniques to great effect when using water colours on our own Titanic paintings. At the parents evening, some people thought Miss Prouten had painted them all – they were SO good! (Here is the proof that she DIDN’T!)

t blog 10 t blog 9 t blog 18 t blog 17 t blog 19 t blog 20 t blog 21 t blog 22


‘N-Ice’ work, Seals!


July 13, 2016
by seal

Olympic Games – the board kind!

o blog 9 o blog 10 o blog 11 o blog 12


Our last piece of Topic homework was so impressive that we spent some time today playing the Olympic Board Games that had been made.

The children enjoyed sharing them so much.


O blog 1 o blog 2 o blog 3 o blog 4

Mrs Rix is convinced that we could have a future game designer in our class!

o blog 5 o blog 6 o blog 7 o blog 8

Well done, Seals!

July 13, 2016
by seal

Seal Class 2015 to 2016


Hello to you all!

We have had such a busy year this year, that we have had no time to blog! So to make up for this, we decided that we would give you a lovely look back at all the things your children have done in this year. They have grown so much in size and confidence, and are completely ready for starting Year 3 in September.

We wish them luck as they move into KS2 – we will miss them!

Let’s start with Forest School, which all the children enjoy, regardless of the weather!

Blog 1 FS blog 2 fs blog 3 fs blog 4 fs blog 5 fs blog 6 fs blog 7 fs blog 8 fs blog 9 fs blog 10 fs blog 11 fs blog 12 fs blog 13 fs blog 14 fs blog 15 fs blog 16 fs blog 17 fs blog 18 fs blog 19 fs blog 20 fs blog 21 fs blog 22 fs blog 23 fs


Mrs Rix


Miss Prouten


June 8, 2015
by seal
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Today was our last forest school session.

We had a fire and had soup and bread, it was delicious!

Thank you Mr Myall for coming to help!

On the way back we gave the leftover bread to the ducks and chickens!

We have loved Forest School this year!


IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240