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Olympic (fun and) Games



The last topic for Seal Class was Rio and the Olympic Games. We’ve looked at geography in this topic, discovering where Brazil is in the world, the Amazon Rainforest and where the Olympics started.

The role play took on the games challenge with an officials table, indoor game ideas, a podium and medals.

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The children learned a song called Light The Flame, that has the Olympic motto – Faster, Higher, Stronger – which they sang on our mini-sports morning. They also learned a song called Olympic Blues, which is so catchy that we pretended to play guitar to it! Rock and Roll!


  1. It was fun doing the olympics. I thought that the Road to Rio was exciting too!!

    • The Olympics always give a great topic for us to work on – it’s a shame they only happen every four years! I hope that you manage to see some of them; remember they start on 5th August.

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