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April 18, 2018
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Seals have enjoyed learning about space this half term, especially designing and making moon buggies. Here are some photographs of the fantastic finished products.









Our artist this half term was Jackson Pollock and as you can see from the photos we had great fun trying out some of his techniques, first as a group and then on our own.



October 19, 2017
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What a busy half term Seals have had. The children have enjoyed learning about keeping fit and healthy, especially designing and making a fruit kebab. In Art, the children carefully drew their own portraits and as you can see from the photos they turned out beautifully. In addition to this we have learned about the artist Keith Haring  a pop artist and created our own artwork. Our work in English has been based on stories and poems about the dark and the children have particularly enjoyed writing their own stories and poems. Much fun was had doing a science experiment about teeth, where we observed eggs in different liquids and this fitted in well with a visit from the dentist. After celebrating harvest we found out about how the Jewish people celebrate Sukkah and we built shelters in groups. The children showed good team work skills.


June 9, 2017
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Art Week

We started our week by looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who uses natural materials to produce sculptures. We then collected natural objects from the school grounds and used these to make our own pieces of art.

After this we thought about ourselves as people and what we like to do. We looked at the work of clay artists and this inspired us to make clay sculptures showing such activities as reading, football, ballet and rugby. We hope you will be able to come and see them on Monday between 9 and 9.30.                        

November 24, 2016
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This week we have been inspired by Mike Bernard to make these beautiful collages. Our first stage was to use different materials to make the flames. Next we cut houses from different papers and printed on them using sticks and cubes. Lastly, we splattered paint to complete the effect.


October 20, 2016
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Exciting times in Seals Class

We have made a wonderful start to Year Two and have enjoyed our learning. We are becoming good at using our working walls for English and Maths which help us to remember what is important. We have especially enjoyed writing stories about a journey using noun phrases and conjunctions. We loved making jam sandwiches which helped us to write instructions. In Maths we have become good at using lots of different strategies to add and subtract.
In Art we have been inspired by the artist Keith Haring and have created our own colourful pieces.
We had a great time making a Sukkah in RE which is a Jewish shelter made to celebrate God’s care.
In History we have compared our life with our grandparents and over the half term holiday we are looking forward to asking our grandparents questions about when they were a child.
We are so pleased with Seal’s reading this half term with many children reading five times a week. Well done and keep it up.







July 20, 2016
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Moving On Up!

To all our Seals – Thank You for a wonderful year.

seal bye


We hope that you have a fantastic summer break and wish you lots of luck in Panthers or Jaguars class. You are so ready for Year 3!

p and j 1


Mrs Rix, Mrs Clamp, Mrs Shelton and Miss Prouten


July 20, 2016
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Art of the Rainforest


We delved into the Rainforest for some natural art…

rf blog 1 rf blog 2

Evie used petals for butterfly wings.

rf blog 3 rf blog 4

Archie’s Rainforest.

rf blog 5 rf blog 6

Fynn and Thomas’s leafy work.

rf blog 7 rf blog 8

Birds nests featured in Ella and Maisie’s Rainforest.

rf blog 9 rf blog 10

Connor, Daniel and Liam framed their picture with dried grass.

rf blog 12 rf blog 13

Leah and Dylan used rose petals for a really pretty effect.

You are all such brilliant artists!

July 20, 2016
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Outside maths challenges


On 8th July, Mrs Clamp set up some challenges to test our maths skills – and we went outside to find them!

mo blog 1 mo blog 2 mo blog 3 mo blog 4 mo blog 5 mo blog 6 mo blog 7 mo blog 8

They were all spread out in the outdoor classroom, so we chose a challenge, completed the task and moved on to the next.

mo blog 9

We wrote our answers onto whiteboards with our partners and then went back to the cool classroom to see how many we got right. The fresh air helped a lot!

July 18, 2016
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Planting a seed…


April brought us days to plant seeds in our allotment. We planted chives, radish, carrots and spring onions.

p blog 1 p blog 2 p blog 3 p blog 4 p blog 5 p blog 6 p blog 7

We visited the allotment to water our plants and see how they had grown…

p blog 8 p blog 9 p blog 10 p blog 11 p blog8 p blog12

And after some time, we had radish and carrots – the chives and spring onion were unsuccessful!

p blog 12

Snack time!