Panther Class

Year 3 Farm Trip to Bassett and Folly Farms



As part of our Farm to Fork topic, we visited two farms in Steventon, Hampshire. The first was a dairy farm, which has 220 Holstein Freisian cows – of which 120 are milk producing.

Please see all our lovely photographs from Bassetts Farm here…

Each milk producing cow has to eat 55kg of dairy cake, soya, maize silage and grass silage every day, along with drinking 60l of water. this will produce around 20l of milk from each cow!

We then moved from Bassetts Farm to Folly Farm, a short distance away. Folly Farm is an arable farm, so we travelled in an unusual way to get there!

Folly Farm grows all sorts of arable crops, but we looked at a wheat crop in a 3 hectare field. 3 hectares is equal to 30,000 square metres – that’s three football fields!










We love being farmers for a day!

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