Panther Class

Panther Class Art Week 2017 – Sculpture


Hello all!

For the entire school this year, Art Week has been about People. In Panthers Class, we looked at Faces in particular and used clay as the medium to work with.

We studied proportions using faint lines to guide us on where the eyes, nose and mouth were best positioned to make the face more life-like. We then added eyebrows, ears and hair, plus other accessories if we liked.



Our finished heads look amazing!


In Jaguar Class, with Mrs Dyer, we used wire and clay to make whole figures of people enjoying their hobbies and sports. Initially, we sketched each other in poses using stick men pencil drawings – this really helped us show the movement. Then, we learned how to twist and attach wires, shaping them carefully with our fingers and pens.



With Mrs Spencer, we started some quilling work – we hope to have more time to complete some of these as they are really fun!


We are already wondering what  the topic for NEXT year’s Art Week?!


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