Panther Class

November 18, 2016
by panther

Tripping the light fantastic!


This week we have been learning about light in science. We now know that light travels in straight lines, because we used torches and looked at their beams. We punched holes in cardboard boxes with a pencil, hid objects under it and used the torch to shine light through it.

“I could see more objects when I shone the torch through the side hole and looked through the top hole.” – Matthew.

We then looked at different materials to see if they made a shadow (opaque), a little shadow (translucent) or allowed light through (transparent).

“We held the materials up to the whiteboard – I noticed that the window is transparent because light passes through it.” – Nancy.

We really enjoyed learning about light, it certainly switched on our light bulbs!



November 11, 2016
by panther

Times Table Practise in Panther Class


Today in Panther Class, we used our new lap tops for he very first time. We looked at a website that would help us to learn and speed up with our times tables.

dscf1729 dscf1730 dscf1731 dscf1732 dscf1733 dscf1734 dscf1736 dscf1737 dscf1738 dscf1739 dscf1740 dscf1741

The website can be found at and it gives you 2 minutes to do 20!

Panthers –  have a competition with your parents!


November 4, 2016
by panther

JIM-A Cautionary Tale


Panther Class have been talking about stories with a strong moral this week. We read about Jim, a little boy who has everything, but is still not happy. One day, his nurse takes him to the zoo, where something truly terrible happens! There is a good moral to this story, which all of Panthers Class can tell you!


Panthers acted out this story in groups, so that we could ‘freeze-frame’ and ask the characters how they felt. Here are our ‘freeze-frame’ moments!

img_0417 img_0420  img_0419 img_0418 img_0422 img_0423img_0421


November 3, 2016
by panther

Year 3 Displays


Both Jaguar and Panthers class have created such wonderful art work on Bambang and Mango, Moving Monsters junk models and delightful Divali written work, that we have had to show them off in some new displays!

The official illustrator vs. Year 3!

dscf1681 dscf1680 dscf1678

Divine Divali – our divas lamp helped us to understand the Hindu Festival.


Monster Mayhem with Pneumatics! (Try saying that quickly!)


Year 3 even managed to make time to create the most colourful Still Life Harvest display.


Well done to our hard working year group!

October 18, 2016
by panther

Monster Mayhem!

Panther Class have been busy scientists this week, by creating their very own Pneumatic Monsters!

First, the class investigated how pneumatics worked by using syringes and plastic tubing – pushing the plunger gave various reactions!

We then used our new-found knowledge to make our monsters move. Here are some of our creations;

img_2861 img_2862 img_2864 img_2866 img_2868 img_2875 img_2881 img_2883

Scary stuff from our budding Dr Frankensteins!

September 10, 2016
by panther

Our first few days…

…have been very exciting!

We’ve worked out where things are in the classroom by having a special treasure hunt, had some time to show off our artistic talent on our art journal covers and bookmarks, showed the teachers how good we are at place values, got our new reading books and library books, received our spellings AND had a fire drill!


October 2, 2015
by panther

Hello from Panthers!

Panthers have had an exciting start to the term with their Rugby World Cup 2015 topic. They have been finding out how to keep their bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet and keeping themselves fit. With this in mind, they have been practising their rugby passes and the safe way to make a touchdown and they are in the middle of choreographing a healthy Aerobic dance routine .
Meanwhile, they have been busy producing some detailed non- chronological reports about Australia.
The 3d food plates they have been bringing in for homework are simply inspired!
Fingers crossed for the match on Saturday!