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November 11, 2016
by lion

Lions watch Phil Earle on author live link



Phil Earle is an author that wrote three books called the war next door, super hero street and demolition dad. We watched a live chat about his life and childhood. Phil is a very talented guy. He had  a keen interest in kids books and writing books. Phil Earle is an amazing author.   His favourite character is the girl from the war next door. He said his super power would be to fly. When he was younger he was fat because he ate frazzles every day when he when he was little. Surprisingly he gave up frazzles for a year so he got a lot thinner!


October 1, 2015
by lion

Welcome to Lions Class

Lions Class have settled in brilliantly to the new routines and responsibilities of Year 4. We have already achieved so much in just 4 weeks!

We launched our topic ‘Scrumtastic’ alongside the beginning of the Rugby World Cup. Miss Colyer is happy that we have responded with such enthusiasm – she says our homework is so creative, our ball skills with Mr Filby have come on leaps and bounds and our non-chronological report writing is bursting with information!

In maths, we have learnt about rounding, estimating, adding and subtracting, as well as looking at fractions this week.

We are all working very hard and Miss Colyer is proud that we have earned our first marble party! The quiet critters are still a big hit too!

Please keep in touch via our blog – we like to know what you think of all our learning!

April 2, 2015
by lion

Church Visit

Last Tuesday we arrived at school, went into class, put are stuff away in the cloakroom and started our maths.  After maths we went out for a short break. We had a short break because after break we where to go straight to church. Our journey to church was so windy that we were nearly blown into the road! The church was decorated with handmade cross to be ready for Easter. The cross at the front was covered in colourful ribbons. It was very pretty. We sang two songs and Kelvin told us a story about Jesus teaching us to love. We will think about Jesus for Easter as we eat delicious chocolate eggs!

Happy Easter for everyone from Lions,

by Mia

March 5, 2015
by lion

World Book Day

DSC02511 DSC02512 DSC02513 DSC02510 DSC02509 DSC02508 DSC02507 DSC02506 DSC02505Today we celebrated World Book Day by reading Mini Grey picture books. They were      Amazing and full of imagination, funny and occasionally weird .We came dressed in pyjamas to encourage us to read at bedtime.

March 5, 2015
by lion


We have been learning different stitches of embroidery; cross stitches, long stitches and running stitches. As our art project, we have made a pattern of a poppy on a little fabric square and they will be sewn on together to make one big patchwork. SAM_1890 SAM_1880 SAM_1905

January 22, 2015
by lion

A Lion in Paris

a lion in paris book We have been learning about Paris this term.

On Monday, we listened to a story called “A Lion in Paris”.

In the story a lion from a zoo wanted to have an adventure so he decided to visit Paris. First he saw Eiffle Tower but he didn’t know it so called it “Iron Tower”. After the day, he went back to the tram station and on the side was a picture of a woman but he thought that it was a real person. In the end of the story he decided to climb onto a stone block and gave a happy Roaaaaar of joy and stayed there.

In Literacy,  we have written our version of this story but not with Lion so I chose bear. It was fun!

By Gavin

January 15, 2015
by lion

French topic day

On French day, in our classroom we solved puzzles to create famous French buildings and monuments and we ate a type of French food called croissants .Then we learnt how to ask  for  directions and answer back. Next we went into Tigers and learned how to say some of the characters from Jack and Beanstalk. We played two game of Bingo and Emma C won the both games! After break, we went into Jaguar class and learned funny songs about washing machines in French. We made up our own version of this song using French words of colours and clothes. Lastly, we went into Panthers class and completed the words search of body parts in French.

We are looking forward to learning more about France in our new exciting topic.

By Lucy, Elizabeth and Lena


December 17, 2014
by lion

Christmas play

We’ve been learning all about other countries’ traditional Christmas celebrations, we learnt that all the countries have each a different way to celebrate Christmas, but they still celebrate the same  special baby. On the 25th of December the savour was born and brought peace and love to the world and gave friendship to us. In our Christmas play each county shares what they do on Christmas. We all had a part  to say because there are so many ways to celebrate Christmas. At the back of the stage we had a Nativity scene with the year threes in our class. We all had a great time learning  our lines and practising the hole play. If you watched we hope you enjoyed our play. We’ve  also been making different foods from different countries including  polish bread and Chinese dumplings.

By Lucy and Katie

December 5, 2014
by lion


This week we have been learning a lot about world war one. We have been finding out what it was like living in the trenches. As a class we read a diary account written by a real soldier in world war one. It was very hard to believe the conditions during the war. We learned about some of the terrible infections suffered by soldiers in the war like trench foot and frost bite.

written by Daniel Horne.

November 27, 2014
by lion

Great Christmas Bake Off!

When we did cooking we made polish bread . You  will need : sugar ,butter , little bit of salt and yeast.

When you have all of that add some water . Put the mixture in a warm place and I should rise .

We  got some of the mixture and knead it. After that miss sentence brought the bread to her house and backed it.

We ate it and it was yummey!

By Beau and Henry