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June 27, 2018
by lion

Year 4 Displays

Year 4 have created some lovely new displays in the link and our upstairs shared area. If you get the chance to see them, we hope you like them! Here are some photos taken of our hard work.

June 18, 2018
by lion

Lions in the forest

Hello all,

Lions have been enjoying our time in the Forest School area on Thursday afternoons. We’ve been fortunate with the weather so far, and Mr Henderson has already tested our den making ability!

Please make sure that you child has the correct clothing; long sleeves and thick trousers may seem excessive in this warm weather, but the nettles are high and we’ve already had quite a few stings.

In the meantime, please enjoy a few photos of our latest lesson…


April 27, 2018
by lion
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Morning has broken. Day 2


Yesterday was full of fire, orienteering and games which gave our brains and bodies a good work out. The evening began with dressing up in traditional Viking costume, then attending an amazing feast in the Great Hall.

Everyone slept even better than the night before, and this morning were up, packed and beds sorted before breakfast. We had a fantastic last breakfast before starting our raid of the Kingdom of Wessex!

April 26, 2018
by lion

The first night!

Hello and what a bright morning!

Lions spent yesterday as marauders, berserkers and learning the ways of the shield and sword. They adorned their faces with paint and became truly scary warriors!

We ate well and had a great day. And as night approached, we knew there would be treasure in our dreams! Most slept well – here we are this morning!

Let’s see what Whitchurch Vikings can do today!

March 23, 2018
by lion

The Wind In The Willows

Hello all

What a special half-term this has been! Along with being a very short five weeks, we have had snow days and author visits in the hall. These are amazing days, however, when you are putting on a performance, you soon realise there is very little rehearsal time! Fortunately, Year 4 are future stars of the screen and stage, stepping up to the mark, learning lines (some had many!) and singing songs in 1920’s style.

Here are some of the stars with the props from the play, plus some of their observations now it is all over!


“Recently Year 3 and 4 have been performing the very famous Wind In The Willows! A story of best friends, but not any best friends, animals and a bit of ‘poop-poop, poop-poop!’ A book of a devious Toad and his car, his best friends, Ratty, Mole and Badger – a chap couldn’t have better friends! I got the part of Otter, a gentle but very hungry character!” – Hana

“Year 3 and 4 did a show called Wind In The Willows. I played the part of a Duck, and I enjoyed my duck dance and the word ‘nincompoop’! I liked the song, Bright Canary Yellow Gypsy Caravan.”  – Finley

“I enjoyed being a Hedgehog and singing songs with my friends. Also, I found it funny when Toad dressed up as a washerwoman.”  – Isabel

“I really enjoyed the songs and how much effort everyone put into them. One of the parts I found funny was when Ratty and Mole dragged Toad off stage. I also found it funny when Toad called the policeman a nincompoop, and I think the audience did as well. I thought the acting was phenomenal, and all the expressions Molly used for Toad were great. I loved the bit where Owen (Mole) dressed up as a washerwoman, because it was weird seeing him in a dress!”  – Bernie

“It was magnificent! If I could do it again, I would be a stoat.”  – Issac

“I have enjoyed playing my part as Jeeves (Toad’s butler) and the jokes are really funny. We had fake moustaches and face paints for some people, and props for others. There were 15 songs and we worked hard on learning all of them AND our lines.”  – Leon

“This will be an everlasting memory, performing as the role of Toad. Seeing the scene in the court made me laugh, as the magistrate’s solos were so amazing and funny. The Year 3 choir’s voice was also amazing. Congratulations to Year 3 and 4.”  – Molly


February 2, 2018
by lion

Where would your Journey take you?


Journey is a children’s wordless picture book written and illustrated by Aaron Becker.

Through pictures alone, the book tells the story of a lonely girl who uses a red crayon to escape from a mundane world into a magical adventure.

Across the entire school, we have enjoyed this story, imagined our own magical worlds and invented some crazy contraptions.

Year 4 were selected to show their writing journey – and we now have a beautiful display in the library area. Please come and see it!

Here are a few pictures to tempt you in…









Added : Mrs Clarke was so impressed with this display that she took a photo and sent it to the author! Aaron Becker said, “Wow! What a display and what hard work everyone did!”



January 22, 2018
by lion

An Egg-y Experiment!

Hello all!

Lions Class have been very scientific over the past week. On Friday 12th January, they set up an experiment to discover the outcome on sugars on tooth enamel. Now, we are not amateur dentists, so we decided to us a similar material to make our conclusions.

We took 7 hard boiled eggs and immersed all but one in various liquids – milk, water, sugar-free squash, normal squash, orange juice and coke. We then left them for an entire week to see what would happen to the shell of the eggs.

What was surprising was that we’d all predicted that the coke would have the biggest effect – in actual fact it just dyed the outside brown, whereas the sugar-free option had the most disturbing change!

December 18, 2017
by lion

This is the news… 1916


Today saw Lion Class complete a newspaper report describing the perilous journey of Ernest Shackleton and his brave men.

In the latest edition of The Daily Chronicle, you can ‘Read All About It!’, with amazing photographs and fantastic facts.

Well done all, you’ll make excellent editors – just make sure you’ve hit the headlines!

November 17, 2017
by lion

We are simply the quest!


Today has been slightly unusual, not in that we are wearing a spotty-themed mufti for the day for Children in Need, but because we’ve been writing our very own quest stories!

We planned our writing to make sure we had all the elements of a good story, then used interesting WOW words and our imagination.

We listened to some calm music to help inspire us.

October 20, 2017
by lion

Lions love computers!


Lion Class have been using the computers this half term to create a Slug Trail game in ICT, and most recently to write up their wonderful work on the Desert Biome. They researched various desert inhabitants, discovering the attributes of their chosen animal, its habitat and diet.