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The Nothing To See Here Hotel TES Class Review


Some of our Chatterbooks group were invited to review ‘The Nothing to See Here Hotel’ by Steven Butler and Steven Lenton for the TES Class Review . We have been sharing this book in our sessions creating our own hotels and characters so that we can write our own version of the story. It was really popular with the group and here’s what they had to say about this hilarious story.


‘Pirates, dragons and fairies with toothbrushes’

There are swashbuckling pirates, fire-breathing dragons, human-eating plants, fairies with toothbrushes and, of course, there is Frankie Bannister. Frankie is the main character; he has copper eyes, pointy ears and a great big smile on his face! Steven Lenton is a fantastic illustrator and he brings this book to life.


‘Amazingly funny’

I found it really amusing and inspiring. It also had lots of excitement and cliffhangers within the book. The illustrations are fabulous, the language was fantastic and, best of all, it is amazingly funny. I would definitely recommend it to others.


‘Loads of made-up monsters’

I think people would really enjoy The Nothing to See Here Hotel because it’s got loads of made-up monsters. My favourite character is Hoggit the pet dragon, who lives in the fireplace. I wondered if he was going to learn how to breathe fire. The best bit was when the goblin prince didn’t realise what he’d stolen – it was a big surprise. The pictures were really good: they helped explain the story.


‘The magical creatures made me giggle’

This funny story about a magical creature hotel made me giggle. My favourite part of the story was where the goblin Prince Grogbah fainted and they all thought he was dead. I like the fact that there are pictures on most pages, and the characters look just how I’d imagined they would.


‘I felt like I was there in the hotel’

I would give this book 10/10 because it is so imaginative. My favourite character is Nancy because she is kind, even though she is a big Orkney brittle-back spider. The illustrations are absolutely fantastic. It made me feel that I was there in the hotel.



The illustrator of the book Steven Lenton visited the school this week and the children were really excited to get the chance to talk to him about their reviews which he thought were absolutely brilliant.

You can read the full review here below

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