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Yr 6 Writer Visit – Testbourne Community School


Today a group of year 6 children visited Testbourne School to meet writer Colleen Jones. She talked about all of the things that inspired her to be a writer. She explained all about the writing process and how you start with draft zero which is all about getting your ideas on to paper and not worrying about getting everything perfect. Colleen read from an early draft and a later draft of her story so we could see the difference.


Colleen is originally from Canada and she showed us how the Vancouver Library was her inspiration for her setting of her story about a little girl and dragons. She uses mood boards to develop her ideas which she shared with us.  She then explained the editing part of the process and all the different stages all the way up to looking for a publisher for your finished book.



The children then got to ask questions and she was asked about her favourite book, her favourite genre and how long a book should be. Thank you to Mrs Harvey at Testbourne for inviting us to this really interesting visit.

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