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National Non-Fiction November – Chatterbooks Yr 5/6


National Non-Fiction November is an annual celebration of information books. We love non-fiction books at school and we have a great selection in the library and in each classroom to support current topics.


This week our yr 5/6 Chatterbooks group celebrated National Non-Fiction November with a special ‘The World Around Us’ Activity Pack which we received from DK Books via the Reading Agency Website. The children had to match up animals to their habitats, create their own map and design their own animals. They were really inventive and created the most interesting and amazing animals. We used a selection of animal information books and atlases to help with our tasks. Then we completed a nature word search about the world around us.




We then went on a fact finding mission using some fab non-fiction books to find the most fascinating facts that we could discover about animals. Did you know?

A giraffe’s tongue is as long as an humans arm?

A wombat’s poo is square?

That in Africa goat’s climb trees?

More than 90% of all the organisms that have ever lived on Earth are now extinct.


Some brilliant facts found by a children, another really enjoyable Chatterbooks session!

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