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Maz Evans Author Visit – Year 4, 5 and 6




Today we were very lucky to have an author visit from the fabulous Maz Evans, author of ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ and ‘Simply the Quest.’ Maz told the children all about her very long journey to becoming an author. Explaining to them that she had received hundreds of rejections but she never gave up. She encouraged them to keep trying if they had a dream, encouraging them to never give up because they only needed on YES to make it true.


‘Who Let the Gods Out’ features Olympic Gods who have fallen to earth causing chaos everywhere for the hero of the novel Elliot and Maz let us into a secret that because they’re immortal they’re still alive, so in reality they’re probably living amongst us. In fact funnily enough their favourite disguise was usually as teachers and she vowed to discover who amongst us was an actual real life God. I went into a battle of the brains to discover who was the true ‘Athene’, goddess of knowledge with Mrs Driver and was sadly beaten as the topic was the KS2 curriculum, which is not my speciality!



Mrs Spencer and Mrs Brown undertook a battle of creativity to decide who was the true, ‘Hephaestus’ god of creativity, in a balloon modelling competition to design something to save the world from impending attack. Mrs Brown won with her reimagining of a Diplodocus.


It was then a head to head war to decide who would be crowned Queen of the Gods in a ‘Wackaday’ style (children who didn’t grow up in the 1980s might need to google this). After a tense few rounds, Mrs Brown was the overall winner. Thanks to our lovely teaching staff for being such great sports I know the children really enjoyed it.

Finally we finished off with a Q & A session where Maz was asked the most unusual and entertaining questions by our children. My favourite being, ‘do you like the books you write?’ to which she replied, ‘it depends what day of the week it is, because if I’m struggling with edits the answer will be no, but if I’m talking about a finished book then it’s probably yes!’

It really was a fantastic day, thanks to all our parents for their continued support. I have to say to Maz a huge thank you to Maz for giving up her time to come and visit the school today we all had the most amazing time!

Mrs Clarke

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