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November 13, 2016
by library

Author Visit Year 5/6 – Ally Sherrick


We were delighted to welcome the author Ally Sherrick to school last week to tell us all about her debut novel ‘Black Powder’ ‘Black Powder’ is an explosive debut  packed full of excitement, danger and intrigue. England 1605, Twelve year old Tom is in a terrifying race against time to save his father from the hangman’s noose. In desperation he makes a deal with a fearsome scarred stranger, know only as the Falcon. But unwittingly Tom finds himself caught up in one of the most famous plots in history. Not knowing who to trust or where to turn he is thrust into this murky world full of dangerous villains who will stop at nothing to further their cause. Torn between saving his father and being part of a heinous crime or saving the King, will Tom have the courage and conviction to make the right decision.



Ally told the children that when she was young she didn’t want to be an author instead she wanted to be an Egyptologist as she wanted to spend her time excavating pyramids and uncovering hidden treasure. But growing up she was a real bookworm and enjoyed writing exciting stories. She talked to the children about the inspiration behind her story the real life events of the gunpowder plot starring the infamous Guy Fawkes who is now as the Falcon in ‘Black Powder’. These events contained all the ingredients to make a truly exciting story: brilliant character; intriguing places and a gripping plot. Her idea for the book was sparked by a visit to Cowdray House where she discovered that Guy Fawkes had worked as a young child. She did lots of research when writing her book where she discovered that people didn’t have pockets in the 17th century so Tom couldn’t hide his pet mouse Jago in his pocket. Writers have to do lots of research when creating their stories to make sure they are accurate.



We had such an interesting morning with Ally the children were enthralled with her presentation and they especially loved all the gory details about what happened to Guy Fawkes after he was captured. There has been so much lovely feedback from the children and parents about the visit and lots of children are enjoying reading ‘Black Powder.’



A huge thank you to Waterstones Basingstoke for arranging the visit and to Ally for visiting the school, it was truly inspirational.