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October 6, 2016
by library

Author and Illustrator Visit Polly Faber & Clara Vulliamy Year 1, 2 and 3

We were delighted to welcome Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy to the school for a visit with our year 1, 2 and 3 children. Polly and Clara have created the fabulous ‘Mango and Bambang’ series which the children have been sharing in class. Each of the books contains four short stories about the adventures of Mango and her tapir Bambang.


Clara drew illustrations of Mango and Bambang, while Polly talked about the characters and read from the story. Mango is a karate lover, chess player and diver off high boards at the swimming pool and lives with her very busy Papa. We get the feeling that she has to keep herself very busy to stop herself from feeling lonely and she is very good at keeping herself busy. All this changes when Mango encounters quite unexpectedly one day a Tapir called Mango who is causing quite a commotion lying in the middle of a zebra crossing. From that point on our delightful duo have lots of fantastic adventures together.

author-visit-wps1001  author-visit-wps1007

We learned that Mango is good at lots of things and they asked the children what they where good at? We had climbing trees, making loud noises and even had some demonstrations from the children.

author-visit-wps1027 author-visit-wps1038

Our Year 1 and 2 children got to help Polly and Clara create a new hat for Bambang which was just marvellous. Polly even modelled one of Bambang’s favourite hats, the children thought this was hilarious. Back in class they created their own hats, these are beautifully displayed in school.

author-visit-wps1023 author-visit-wps1042


The year 3 children had the opportunity to learn how to draw Bambang alongside Clara and they produced some beautiful artwork, this has been displayed in the school for everyone to enjoy.

author-visit-wps1020  author-visit-wps1013

author-visit-wps1011 author-visit-wps1014

author-visit-wps1012 author-visit-wps1025



It was a truly inspirational visit and the children really enjoyed their visit and have been chatting to me about their favourite parts of the day. Thank you to Polly and Clara for visiting our school it was a truly wonderful experience.

A huge thanks to FOWPS for kindly funding the visit and to Mrs Sarah Dutton for taking these marvellous photos on the day.