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July 14, 2016
by library

Year 4/5 Chatterbooks – Peter Bunzl visit


Our Year 4/5 Chatterbookers finally got to meet the author Peter Bunzl  after being selected to take part in an initiative organised by The Reading Agency and Usborne Publishing. All of the children had already received an exclusive proof copy of Peter Bunzl’s debut novel ‘Cogheart’ which is due to be published on the 1st September. They had all read or nearly finished the book and had produced this amazing display reflecting all their favourite elements of the fantastic cover.



In our book group we had completed work sheets about ‘Sharing the adventure’ and when asked to choose three words to describe Cogheart they provided a great selection:

‘exciting,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘dramatic,’ ‘twisty and turny,’ ‘well written,’ ‘brilliant,’ ‘thrilling,’ and ‘mysterious’  proved to be the most popular.

So on the big day having really enjoyed the story you can imagine the excitement and the anticipation that we were all feeling. We were the first school that Peter visited on his Chatterbooks tour and the children gave him a very, warm and friendly Whitchurch welcome.


Peter talked to us about himself, his inspiration and what books and films have influenced his story. He mentioned discoveries he had made during his research to write the story and was really surprised that the children knew about some really obscure facts – apparently Horrible Histories has a lot to answer for!




Peter read some extracts from his book and we all agreed that it is really special hearing an author read from their own story.

chb10 chb9

The children were then shown how to make animation strips to use in a Victorian Zoetrope which creates moving pictures which they found really interesting that something so simple could be so effective.




It was a really fantastic visit, we all enjoyed learning more about Cogheart and how Peter was inspired when creating his story. A huge thank you to Peter, Amy, Usborne and The Reading Agency for giving the children this opportunity it was an amazing experience.