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Forest School in the spring rain!

We loved doing Forest School before half term, and we’re really grateful to Mr Henderson and all the parent helpers for making it possible. We went out in all weathers!

On our last session, we were able to have a fire, despite the rain, and we cooked noodles to warm us up!


Year 5s trip to Town Hall

On the 14th and 15th March, Year 5 went to the Town Hall in Whitchurch. When we got there, two lovely people at the office, who are called the clerks, showed us the tapestry on the wall. She told us that there was a competition to see who would make the best picture of World War I. The person who won made a picture of a medical dog and pigeon who flew messages back and forth to people. The winner was a lady from Wales. Then they took us to the chambers upstairs. It is full of amazing artefacts. I guessed that the building was 300 years old but it is 231 years old. After that we met the Mayor of Whitchurch. Then one of the clerks showed us the pictures of the past mayors. Then we sat down at the long table in the middle of the room and started the meeting. Miss Frost banged the gavel to start the meeting. Then we went round the table telling everyone what we think would make Whitchurch a better place. I thought that less smoking would make it a better place. Someone else suggested a deaf school and I thought it was a great idea. Then we had a vote to see what the best idea was and a deaf school was unanimous. Then we got out of our seats and went to see a little model of Whitchurch. After that we went back to  school.

by Ollie Spinks


Earth & Space Science Visit


Ian Dunne came to talk to us about space and all the amazing planets, stars and moons in our universe! We were fascinated by how much he knew and came away with so many new interesting facts.

Listening to a story about Ossiri and the ogre!


We wrote a sentence about why we liked the story and gave it a score out of 10. We will be writing a diary entry from Ossiri’s point of view.

Marwell Zoo

We had a great day at Marwell this week (despite the rain). Here are a few pictures…

Art Week.

Kingfishers have had great fun this week but it’s not been easy! We have made some very ambitious sculptures, but just as I knew they would, Kingfishers demonstrated fantastic perseverance! Our theme was people in the past, and we chose to focus our work around Mityana. We looked at the work of Alberto Giacometti to get our inspiration.


First we made our wire frames which we found really difficult as after a while the wire hurt our hands. Kingfishers did not give up and managed to produce some fantastic looking wire sculptures.

After this we wrapped our sculptures in newspaper and then in Mod-Roc.

Once they were dry we painted, decorated and accessorised them and I’m sure you will agree that the final outcomes are amazing!

Well done for all your hard work and creativity, Kingfishers 🙂



Abi Elphinstone

On Tuesday the 14 March we met Abi Elphinstone the author of the series including Dream Snatcher, Shadow Keeper, Night Spinner. She spoke to us about her adventures and how she made her books and why she made her books. Her books are mainly set in Scotland ( her home country). She inspired all of us to write books and go on exciting adventures. We created our own story map( it was so fun ). Some people got books signed by Abi. We really enjoyed  her visit.


Thanks Abi from Kingfishers


By Doug + Finn

Riverbird Restaurant!

This topic we have been learning about Master Chef.  One of the fun things that we have done is Riverbird Restaurant. It took some preparation but we managed to make some delicious food to serve to our wonderful customers. Before  the action happened, we were given jobs out of a maître D , a waiter /waitress or a chef. With lots of the help with adults we managed to cook spectacular pizza and amazing  Fruit Tarts. With the looks on our customers faces it looked like our food was divine. As we walked into the restaurant the tables were perfectly layed out with beautiful table cloths. Over all we think that the restaurant was a massive hit. Once it was all over we were all proud of our selves and were very happy of the results .

p.s we got the extra pizza !!!!!!

by Amelie, Evie and Grace.

Year 5’s perfect pizza day

A week and a half ago, Year 5 were making pizzas for our Masterchef topic. We made our dough with a mixture of water,flour,yeast and salt. After we made it into a circular base, we added our toppings. There was a choice of sweetcorn, pepper(red and green) pepperoni, ham, chicken and cheese. Then we put it in  the oven and whilst we were watching Newsround, we ate them. Reilly and I topped ours with ham, sweetcorn, pepperoni, cheese and chicken. We all had a great time and really good fun even though it was very messy!

by Oliver Clarke

Pictures from our Masterchef Mystery Box Challenge (Kingfisher update to follow)