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Year 5s trip to Town Hall

On the 14th and 15th March, Year 5 went to the Town Hall in Whitchurch. When we got there, two lovely people at the office, who are called the clerks, showed us the tapestry on the wall. She told us that there was a competition to see who would make the best picture of World War I. The person who won made a picture of a medical dog and pigeon who flew messages back and forth to people. The winner was a lady from Wales. Then they took us to the chambers upstairs. It is full of amazing artefacts. I guessed that the building was 300 years old but it is 231 years old. After that we met the Mayor of Whitchurch. Then one of the clerks showed us the pictures of the past mayors. Then we sat down at the long table in the middle of the room and started the meeting. Miss Frost banged the gavel to start the meeting. Then we went round the table telling everyone what we think would make Whitchurch a better place. I thought that less smoking would make it a better place. Someone else suggested a deaf school and I thought it was a great idea. Then we had a vote to see what the best idea was and a deaf school was unanimous. Then we got out of our seats and went to see a little model of Whitchurch. After that we went back to  school.

by Ollie Spinks


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