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Iron Age Day

A few pictures from our fantastic Iron Age day. We had loads of fun and I’d like to thank Year 5 for being so beautifully behaved!

img_1774 img_1697 img_1696 img_1694 img_1693 img_1692 img_1690 img_1689 img_1688 img_1687 img_1686 img_1684 img_1681 img_1680 img_1679 img_1678 img_1677 img_1676 img_1675 img_1674 img_1672 img_1670 img_1669 img_1668 img_1667 img_1666 img_1665 img_1664 img_1663 img_1662 img_1660 img_1659 img_1658 img_1655 img_1653 img_1650 img_1648 img_1647 img_1646 img_1644 img_1641 img_1637 img_1633 img_1631 img_1628 img_1627 img_1625

Black Powder

Last Friday, year 5/6 were visited by the author of Black Powder, Ally Sherrick. Ally is very adventurous with her writing and inspired lots of us to get writing ourselves. During the morning , year 5/6 took part in an assembly where she talked about her amazing book. This exciting book features a 12 year old boy called Tom who meets a mysterious figure known only as The Falcon. Tom must use his wits and courage as his loyalty is pushed to the limit. Year 5/6 had a wonderful time with Ally and really enjoyed reading her book.

Thank you Ally!


By Amelie Oakton and Eva Kelly