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Half Term Round Up – Kingfishers

This half term we have been studying Mityana and thinking about the similarities and differences between their lives and ours.  We were very lucky to have a visit from Dodie Marsden who has visited Mityana on many occasions.  She played a game to teach us about fruit and vegetables in Uganda and she brought lots of artefacts for us to study.

We have also had the opportunity to sew a Ugandan-style piece of textile.  Thank you very much to all the parents who have come and helped!

This week we have enjoyed being out on our bikes, learning new skills and road safety.



We have had an action-packed couple of weeks in Year 5.

We have had a visit from Dodie who talked to us all about Mityana. She is also taking our letters that we wrote to the children of Mityana Junior School- we are keeping our fingers crossed in the hope that we will get some letters in reply!

We have also had a Judo demonstration where we were taught and shown some Judo moves!

We have finished our sewing and we are hoping to put the final pieces up on display in the library for everyone to see as they are fantastic and need showing off!

Next week will be exciting too as Year 5 are doing Bikeability and there are lots of other activities planned for in between sessions.

The year group will be split into 2 groups for this week (mixed classes) and they will stick with these groups for each Bikeability session. One session will take place in the morning, and the other in the afternoon.


Please remember to bring your bikes around to the garden outside of Kingfishers in the mornings!

Miss Haighton 🙂

Air Resistance Egg Drop

This week we have been writing narratives in English,  using an African  video as a stimulus. The children have written some incredibly descriptive paragraphs using loads of adjectives and adverbs.

In Maths we have been practising formal written methods of addition and subtraction, as well as completing some very challenging word problems.

In Science we have been learning about air resistance,  and last week we planned and designed egg parachutes to find out which group could manage to make the most air resistance. This week we tested them.

Thank you for my team of helpers during this experiment!

The whole class were awarded a dojo point for teamwork, as well as a second point as no eggs were broken during the parachute drop.


Well done Kingfishers 🙂


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