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Another busy week

We have had another busy week in Year 5; from fractions and instructional writing, to sewing and school photos!

I have been so impressed with the effort that has gone into your homework this week, I had some disgusting recipes to read! Everyone very much enjoyed admiring Fynn’s home made (edible) concoction too!

Tomorrow we are going to be extremely busy starting our African textile pieces.

I hope everyone is looking forward to bike-ability next week, it will be lots of fun!

Miss Haighton 🙂

A VERY busy week

What a week so far and it’s only Wednesday!

In Literacy we are working towards writing our own instructional texts on making African Banana Bread, but how would we know how to write instructions on something we have never made? So today we all had a go at making our own African Banana Bread ready for our ‘Big Write’ later in the week, and here are some pictures…


IMG_0116 IMG_0118 IMG_0120 IMG_0121 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0152

Kingfishers all seemed to enjoy tucking into their banana bread at the end of our busy day!


We also had an exciting science lesson today. We have been looking at forces, as for part of our topic we are designing a way of transporting aid across Lake Victoria in Uganda to help a near by village. So far we have learnt about gravity, up thrust and air resistance.

In order to measure for air resistance, and to trial a different way of transporting the aid, we have been designing parachutes that would transport an egg safely. The aim of the investigation was to design the parachute which created the most air resistance, and therefore would take the longest time to hit the ground, slowing the impact of the landing.

Kingfishers had great fun this afternoon creating and testing their designs, and here are some pictures (courtesy of Eden).


IMG_0157  IMG_0183 IMG_0203 IMG_0218


Iona, Pippa and William managed to create the parachute that took the longest time to reach the floor. This meant they had created the most air resistance. Well done!


Everyone will sleep well tonight that is for sure!


Miss Haighton 🙂