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Abi Elphinstone

Year 5 and 6 have had such an exciting day today!

We were lucky enough to have had a very special visit from the lovely Abi Elphinstone, author of the book we have been reading in class, ‘The Dream Snatcher.’



All of us, including the teachers were hanging on Abi’s every word, as she told us of her adventures and her inspiration for her book.


I was very impressed with the fantastic questions you asked Abi today Kingfishers, and so was she!

We have been doing some brilliant work in Literacy around Abi’s book, and tomorrow we will be writing our own chapters to her story!

Hope everyone enjoyed this morning as much as I did!!

See you tomorrow,

Miss Haighton 🙂

Hello Kingfishers!

Exotic fruit tasting!

Exotic fruit tasting!

We finally have our blog up and running- exciting stuff!! 🙂

We have been very busy learning about our Topic, Mityana!
We have compared our community and lives to the lives and communities of the people in Mityana.
Soon we will be making a scrap book full of lots of information about Mityana to give to the pupils at Testbourne who are visiting Mityana later this school year.
In order to do that we have already been doing lots of research, including trying some exotic fruits that can be grown in Africa. I was very pleased that some of you tried things you had never tried before…and enjoyed them!!


See you all tomorrow,


Miss Haighton 🙂


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