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Ally Sherrick Amazing Author Visit

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Ally Sherrick the amazing author came into our school to do a talk about her new book ‘Black Powder’. She read us an extract from her book and it made us all want to read on to find out more. The book was set during the time of the Gunpowder Plot and was based on true facts. She told about how they used to torture people and some of the gruesome punishments included being stretched on the rack and hung, drawn and quartered. We did a workshop on how to be a spy in which we talked about things we would need to become one, such as gadgets, disguises and incredible skills.


I thought that it was an interesting visit and talk and I hope that she writes more books. Also it was an awesome opportunity to get to meet her at the book signing.

Emma B and Erynn.

One Comment

  1. Gosh! What a lovely blog post! Thank you so much for this brilliant write-up of my recent visit. I loved meeting you all and really hope you’ve enjoyed reading Black Powder.

    Very best wishes

    Ally Sherrick

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