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October 18, 2018
by kestrel

Calshot Day 4

We have had another fun packed day today. Some groups went to the forest and others went sailing.  Lots of groups did some track cycling in the velodrome today which was a popular activity even though the bikes were very different to what they are used to riding. Other activities which the children enjoyed today were snowboarding, climbing, team swing, archery and the initiative course. The children are now enjoying their last night activities of a disco and football. We are looking forward to our last couple of activities tomorrow morning and then returning to school with some very tired, but happy children (and their piles of dirty washing!). 

October 17, 2018
by kestrel

Calshot day 3

After a peaceful night of sleep (without fog horns), we enjoyed a full English breakfast to start our day. There has been more kayaking, climbing, Ringos and skiing today which the children have thoroughly  enjoyed. After a bit of a drizzly start, the weather changed and conditions were perfect for our water sports activities this afternoon. Children are currently enjoying our evening activities of egg drop and rushing rockets and will soon be going back to the accommodation to shower, relax and hopefully get some sleep! 

October 16, 2018
by kestrel
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Day 2

After sleeping (or not!) through the fog horns on the first night, day 2 started with pancakes for breakfast to fuel us for a busy day ahead! The morning activities had the children doing all sorts, including climbing, skiing, initiative courses, orienteering in the forest and snowboarding, which was a new experience. In the afternoon the children took part in archery, more skiing and more time was spent on the water kayaking or sailing. Luckily the weather was kind to us again!After evening activities tonight, we will be finishing our film before getting a good night’s rest ready to go again tomorrow!

October 15, 2018
by kestrel

Calshot day 1

We have all arrived safely and have settled into our rooms. We enjoyed our first afternoon of activities and even had a bit of sunshine! Some groups were kayaking and sailing, while other groups did the initiative course and climbing. Children are already enjoying the choices of food here and have even planned what they are having for breakfast tomorrow! We are now doing our evening activities, before watching a film and going to bed!

July 6, 2018
by kestrel

Penwood Forest

This term, year 6 pupils visited Penwood Forest, near Newbury, for a day of forest school activities.

We made Green Man faces on the trees, printed with leaves and make key-rings out of logs. Mr Henderson showed us how to build a shelter which we then tested with buckets of water. We also tried balancing on a tight-rope and had a go in the hammock strung between the trees and played a game of manhunt.

For lunch we had forest cooked meatballs and spaghetti, courtesy of Chef Henderson. The feedback was that everyone had a brilliant time





March 28, 2018
by kestrel

Mayan Art

Year 6 have been busy this half term creating collages and prints based on Mayan art.


















December 18, 2017
by kestrel

Greek Museum

On Friday afternoon, we dressed up in Ancient Greek costumes and showed off our wonderful Greek models to other pupils in the school – we lots of positive

November 21, 2017
by kestrel

Greek cam toys


In Design and Technology we are creating moving cam toys.

We have measured, sawed and glued our frames together and this week we are moving onto creating our designs for the characters on top.

We our designing our characters to reflect something to do with Ancient Greece e.g. Theseus and the minotaur or Cyclops and his sheep.

The children are working really hard and are enjoying using the glue gun!


October 30, 2017
by kestrel

USA Collage

In Art we have been focusing on collage during our first half term.

The children planned and designed a collage to represent a state of the USA that they were allocated. They had to ensure their design represented their state and had to choose their materials and textures thoughtfully.

The children worked on an individual state and stuck them onto the class map and I’m sure you will agree that the end product is fantastic! Great teamwork Kestrels!


December 9, 2016
by kestrel

Spellings to be tested on 12.12.2016

Here are the spellings which will be tested on Monday 12.12.2016. I have recently become aware that the children didn’t get their spellings on Monday 5.12.2016 and for that I apologise, I would however like the children to have a go at learning these spellings over the weekend. I understand that lots of you are busy so there is no pressure, just try your best 🙂

Date set: 5.12.2016 ough is one of the trickiest spellings in English – it can be used to spell a number of different sounds.


Can you sort these words according to the sound that the ough makes and then add more to your sorted lists?

Date to be tested: 12.12.2016
LO: Words containing the letter-string ough.
In order to ensure that your child understands and can apply the spelling rule please encourage them to find other examples where the rule is used in their reading books/ dictionaries and practise these.


Have a great weekend!

Miss Tracey