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Year 3 – Art Week 2017 – Sculptures


For Art Week 2017, the topic for the whole school was people, and for Jaguar Class, we looked at wire work and people from the present. Firstly, we discussed how we could represent the present, and decided to use our hobbies and sports as an inspiration.


We posed and sketched each other in various positions, using stick men to try to show our movement. we found a 2d sketch didn’t always show what we expected!

After this, we moved on to using wire to make a 3d sculpture, using cutting, twisting, moulding and bending techniques. We formed the body of a person using just two bits of wire, guided by our sketches to get the lines of movement. We found it was a fiddley process, but were really keen to experiment with the wire.

Our figures were then enhanced using extra wire and tissue paper, to great effect.

We are very proud of the results!


In Panthers Classroom, Mrs Robertson taught us about the proportions of a face and we used clay to create our own head! They all turned out well, with great character!

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