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January 3, 2017
by jaguar

Welcome back – and straight into 2017!

Hello from Panthers and Jaguars!

Welcome back – we hope you had a great Christmas and will continue on to have a fabulous 2017…

This afternoon Year 3 found out that their new topic will be… Walk Like An Egyptian!

We have already written our names using hieroglyphics and played a board game that the Egyptians loved – Senet. Some of us were very competitive!

We’ve told the children to start to research this topic – they can ask their Mummy!

November 18, 2016
by jaguar

Being persuasive…


This week Jaguars have been learning how to use Persuasive Language in our writing.

Initially, we sorted out a letter from Mrs Robertson to the Head Teacher about the possibility of playtimes being banned. It had been chopped up by mistake! We then looked at the different parts of her letter and how she had used her language to support her argument.

dscf1773 – Owen’s photo

“It was quite a lot of fun, but I didn’t agree with Mrs Robertson!” – Owen B.

The next day, we looked at sentences about Bull Fighting. We put them onto a table of For and Against. We split into two teams to debate the argument and had to convince Owen to change his mind.

dscf1774 – Leah’s photo

“I was on the side for Against bull fighting, because I love animals.” – Leah.

Owen decided to oppose Bull fighting.

Well done, everyone!


November 11, 2016
by jaguar

Jaguar Multiples


Jaguar Class worked on our new lap tops today – using a website about Times Tables. They really enjoyed trying to beat the clock…

Why not have a competition and see if they can beat you?!

The website is at – and the children can tell you where to find the game!

November 11, 2016
by jaguar

Miró Magic!


Joan Miró was a Spanish artist who created the most wonderful, colourful paintings, ceramics and sculptures. He worked in a Surrealist style.

joan-miro-portrait joan-miro-signature

Jaguar Class have studied his paintings and have recognised that there are hidden people in them! They have gone on to use their shape knowledge to make their very own Miró Flamenco dancers.

dscf1715 dscf1716 dscf1717 dscf1718 dscf1719 dscf1720 dscf1721 dscf1722 dscf1723 dscf1724 dscf1725 dscf1726 dscf1727 dscf1728

They listened to Flamenco guitar playing as they worked.

We plan to show their fantastic Flamenco in the Link and on our class boards – they are all so amazing! – Watch this space!

November 4, 2016
by jaguar

JIM – A Cautionary Tale


This week, Jaguar Class have been talking about stories with a moral.

We read the book ‘JIM – A Cautionary Tale’, which tells the story of an unhappy boy – a boy who has everything. He is taken for a trip to the zoo, where his Nurse gets distracted and something truly awful happens!


The children formed groups and acted parts of the story so that we could ‘freeze-frame’ them and ask them what they felt like at that time. Jaguars are fantastic actors and were really good at describing their emotions within their character role. Here are the ‘freeze-frames’ from our class;


What a ‘Roar’ing success!

November 3, 2016
by jaguar

Our Year3 displays


Both Jaguar and Panthers class have created such wonderful art work on Bambang and Mango, Moving Monsters junk models and delightful Divali written work, that we have had to show them off in some new displays!

The official illustrator vs. Year 3!

dscf1681 dscf1680 dscf1678

Divine Divali – our divas lamp helped us to understand the Hindu Festival.


Monster Mayhem with Pneumatics! (Try saying that quickly!)


Year 3 even managed to make time to create the most colourful Still Life Harvest display.


Well done to our hard working year group!

October 18, 2016
by jaguar

Sport Reporters!

In Jaguar Class, we have been creating non-chronological reports – by learning about different sports and using effective planning.

features-of-reports-002 features-of-reports-003 features-of-reports-004

We are now able to see how the information in a non-chronological text is set out, using titles, sub-headings and captions.features-of-reports-005 features-of-reports-006 features-of-reports-007

We worked in groups to study one sport in-depth. We looked at many sports and activities; from Rugby and Football, to Ballet and Horse riding.

features-of-reports-008 features-of-reports-009 features-of-reports-010 features-of-reports-011 features-of-reports-012

Jaguars love writing about subjects that are so interesting! GOAL!

September 10, 2016
by jaguar

Our first few days…

…have been very exciting!

We’ve worked out where things are in the classroom by having a special treasure hunt, had some time to show off our artistic talent on our art journal covers and bookmarks, showed the teachers how good we are at place values, got our new reading books and library books, received our spellings AND had a fire drill!