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Egyptian Creations


Hello to all!

Jaguars have been busy this term, with the continuation of their Ancient Egyptian topic.

In Book Talk, we looked at Egyptian Houses – did you know that the poorest people lived by the River Nile, and had their house flooded out for three months every year? Jaguars are glad that the River Test doesn’t rise as much!

For Design Technology (DT), we experimented with art straws and tape to create a Shaduf Рa crane-like structure to move water from the Nile to water the land.

The Shadufs were tested with a weight, and we found that structures with a triangles were the strongest.

We then decided to mummify our teddies, using techniques the Egyptian priests would have used.

After the mummies were wrapped, they were placed with a prayer in the tomb.

Our Teddykhamun is complete!


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