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Come to the Egyptian Museum to view our latest exhibit!



Our intrepid archaeologists have been¬†discovering a new hoard of artefacts in a¬†Pharaoh’s Tomb.

The 64 Mummified Cats, of a variety of sizes, were exhumed from the Tomb over the last two weeks. They are beautifully decorated, and although some have had wear from the centuries they have spent under the ground, they have been cleaned and are now on display at the Whitchurch Egyptian Museum, on it’s first floor.

The exhibit will be available for the general public to view until Easter, 2017.

(Actually, our clever artists in Year 3 have made these cats with papier mache techniques, using different glues, painting and bright pens to great effect – but they are SO very convincing!)



  1. These look amazing! Well done Jaguars and Panthers!

  2. Wow, these look amazing. Well done Jaguars!

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