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March 29, 2018
by jaguar

Toga Times

Jaguar class have had an exciting term. The highlight of the term has been our visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Roman settlement, the history behind the site and participating in workshops about the Roman way of life




We have also been making a Roman Trebuchet in D.T. Look at how successful we have been!





October 20, 2017
by jaguar

Iron Age Matt


We had a special visit from Iron Age Matt this half term, which meant that we were able to truly understand how the Iron Age people would have lived at that time. It was a brilliant experience for us all and such fun!

July 10, 2017
by jaguar
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Farm display Year 3


Both Panthers and Jaguars created some wonderful writing after their Farm Trip to Bassetts and Folly Farms. The children were truly inspired, writing recounts and recipes and drawing some beautiful images. A lovely display was created from some of the work and is up in the shared area at the moment.

We love their enthusiasm for this topic!

June 30, 2017
by jaguar

The Great Jaguar Bake-Off!


This week we’ve been baking bread!

We’ve learned about the dry ingredients, how yeast works and then put it to practical experience…

We can’t show you our artisan rolls though – you’ll have to come and buy some!

June 27, 2017
by jaguar

Year 3 Trip to Bassetts Farm and Folly Farm


As part of our Farm to Fork topic, we visited two farms in Steventon, Hampshire. The first was a dairy farm, which has 220 Holstein Freisian cows – of which 120 are milk producing.

Please see all our lovely photographs from Bassetts Farm here…

Each milk producing cow has to eat 55kg of dairy cake, soya, maize silage and grass silage every day, along with drinking 60l of water. this will produce around 20l of milk from each cow!

We then moved from Bassetts Farm to Folly Farm, a short distance away. Folly Farm is an arable farm, so we travelled in an unusual way to get there!

Folly Farm grows all sorts of arable crops, but we looked at a wheat crop in a 3 hectare field. 3 hectares is equal to 30,000 square metres – that’s three football fields!

We love being farmers for a day!

June 9, 2017
by jaguar

Year 3 – Art Week 2017 – Sculptures

For Art Week 2017, the topic for the whole school was people, and for Jaguar Class, we looked at wire work and people from the present. Firstly, we discussed how we could represent the present, and decided to use our hobbies and sports as an inspiration.


We posed and sketched each other in various positions, using stick men to try to show our movement. we found a 2d sketch didn’t always show what we expected!

After this, we moved on to using wire to make a 3d sculpture, using cutting, twisting, moulding and bending techniques. We formed the body of a person using just two bits of wire, guided by our sketches to get the lines of movement. We found it was a fiddley process, but were really keen to experiment with the wire.

Our figures were then enhanced using extra wire and tissue paper, to great effect.

We are very proud of the results!


In Panthers Classroom, Mrs Robertson taught us about the proportions of a face and we used clay to create our own head! They all turned out well, with great character!

June 8, 2017
by jaguar

Year 3 Display work – reception area and upstairs

Hello all!

Our work on the Ancient Egyptians ended with us creating some wonderful factual posters detailing about everyday life in those times. Mrs Steven was so impressed with our work, that we have displayed some of this work in the reception area – if you pop in to see Mrs Boxall at all, you might want to take a look!


Also, our homework topic before half term asked us to study Whitchurch – as surveys, pictorial records and important facts. The work, again, was of such a high quality, that we have a display in the shared area upstairs, as well as displays in each Year 3 classroom! well done to both Panthers and Jaguars for this super work!

We love showing everyone the beautiful work we create!

March 31, 2017
by jaguar

Egyptian Creations

Hello to all!

Jaguars have been busy this term, with the continuation of their Ancient Egyptian topic.

In Book Talk, we looked at Egyptian Houses – did you know that the poorest people lived by the River Nile, and had their house flooded out for three months every year? Jaguars are glad that the River Test doesn’t rise as much!

For Design Technology (DT), we experimented with art straws and tape to create a Shaduf – a crane-like structure to move water from the Nile to water the land.

The Shadufs were tested with a weight, and we found that structures with a triangles were the strongest.

We then decided to mummify our teddies, using techniques the Egyptian priests would have used.

After the mummies were wrapped, they were placed with a prayer in the tomb.

Our Teddykhamun is complete!


March 2, 2017
by jaguar

Come to the Egyptian Museum to view our latest exhibit!


Our intrepid archaeologists have been discovering a new hoard of artefacts in a Pharaoh’s Tomb.

The 64 Mummified Cats, of a variety of sizes, were exhumed from the Tomb over the last two weeks. They are beautifully decorated, and although some have had wear from the centuries they have spent under the ground, they have been cleaned and are now on display at the Whitchurch Egyptian Museum, on it’s first floor.

The exhibit will be available for the general public to view until Easter, 2017.

(Actually, our clever artists in Year 3 have made these cats with papier mache techniques, using different glues, painting and bright pens to great effect – but they are SO very convincing!)


February 7, 2017
by jaguar

Walk Like An Egyptian…


Wow! We’ve had so many beautiful Ancient Egyptian homework pieces, that we’ve made the largest display in the school!

The homework has been of the highest quality and the children are really pleased and proud of their work.

Well done to you all… parents are welcome to take a look – remember to Toot and Come In!