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Sealife Centre Year R Trip: Ruth Vale


I was invited, as the Early Years governor to accompany Year R on a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Portsmouth. Each adult was allocated a group of 4 children who were instructed “to look after” us. The children told me that I’m ‘very old’ and consequently they took their responsibility of care for the elderly seriously; I had the easy task of being supervised by four caring children during the rest of the day!

The visit was well organised with time allocated for some free play, food and water stops, toilet requirements, and enjoyment of the various aquariums. The highlight was a talk by an expert who encouraged each child to touch a star fish, crab, and spider crab in turn. It was a new experience for me and, judging by the enthusiastic questions and comment, was very much enjoyed by the children.

We returned, by coach, in time for the end of the school day. An excellent extracurricular activity was enjoyed by all. I feel the children were happy, safe and had enjoyed a  valuable educational experience.

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