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Happiness – Jackie Day


I recently sat in on Miss Colyer and Lions lesson where the topic being discussed was Circle times rules – Happiness was the theme.

Miss Colyer explained the rules to the children ensuring all were engaged and asked a few children to repeat back the rules to show that they were listening and understanding.  The children were then asked to draw what makes them happy, the only rule was not to show your drawing to another child. The expressions on their faces of concentration was a joy to watch, even when the teacher commented that looks good the child in question was not convinced that their drawing was good enough so started again but the clock was ticking to complete luckily just in time.

While the children were drawing the teacher put down 5 pieces of paper on the floor each had a heading Electronics/Family/Food/Outdoors/other

The next step was without talking see if any other children had similar drawings the end result was for the children to put their pictures on the appropriate piece of paper of the floor and to sit in that area.

The teacher then went through each main heading and asked children to explain why they chose that particular item that made them happy.

 The outcome was:
Outdoors; playing football with friends, visiting pigs being muddy all was explained in detail.
Family: memories from Christmas and a day out at the zoo and why these were special to them.
Food: no interest in this area.
Electronics: sharing games with friends.

Other: spending time with friends and drawing.

What was very clear was that all children genuinely interest on what was being said and why.

Miss Colyer then announced that when Miss Haighton visits Mityana she will do the same exercise and then the children can then compare the results, all were keen to find out more and so was I (note to self must follow this up).

The teacher then read out 5 quotes regarding options for being happy and ask the children if they agreed or disagreed with the quote, each time the child related this back to a memory/example so was very clear on reason why, then there was a show of hands.  It was interesting on the last quote where some children disagreed (but most agreed) and again very good reasoning behind either option.  This showed independence, thinking ‘out of the box’ and not afraid to go against the flow I was very impressed.

At the end of the lesson a quick game of ‘Hedgehogs’ before they played this the teacher explained what was involved (as I had no idea).  Although fun the underlying message here was engagement and knowing your fellow classmates.  (Hedgehog is a game where the children curl up on the floor and the teacher covers a child with a blanket and the rest of the children have to say who is under the blanket) a positive sign for awareness – I wished this game was around when I was growing up!

Looking back on the lesson this certainly reflects on our school motto Together we make a difference with Love, Courage and Respect.  The children reflected with examples what they love, having the courage to be different and the respect of all classmate not to assume one way is the right way.  They should be very proud I know I certainly was.

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