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July 6, 2018
by eagle

Penwood Forrest

This term, year 6 pupils visited Penwood Forest, near Newbury, for a day of forest school activities.

We made Green Man faces on the trees, printed with leaves and make key-rings out of logs. Mr Henderson showed us how to build a shelter which we then tested with buckets of water. We also tried balancing on a tight-rope and had a go in the hammock strung between the trees and played a game of manhunt.

For lunch we had forest cooked meatballs and spaghetti, courtesy of Chef Henderson. The feedback was that everyone had a brilliant time.





December 18, 2017
by eagle

Greek Museum

On Friday afternoon, we displayed our fantastic models and dressed up in Ancient Greek costumes. We invited pupils from year three and four to view our creations and the response was very positive.

October 19, 2017
by eagle

Calshot Day 4

Today was another very busy and exhausting day, where more groups went trawling and orienteering in the forest. Other groups experienced a range of water and land based activities, from kayaking to learning cycle skills in the velodrome. The children are currently enjoying their last night disco and then we will head back to begin the packing process!!!

There are lots of very tired faces today, so hopefully everyone will sleep well again tonight!

October 18, 2017
by eagle

Calshot Day 3

Today has been another great day, with lots of activities taking place. This morning saw the children experience all sorts, including kayaking, ringos, cycle skills, archery, climbing and the team swing! Although the weather was a little damp and dreary, the children all really enjoyed their activities and a few even conquered their fear of water or heights! After another huge lunch, some children were off out terrific trawling this afternoon, where they managed to catch a wide variety of fish and even some rays. Other children spent the afternoon inside, with more ringos and cycling. Today also saw our first groups venture off site to the forest for orienteering, an exciting adventure for all. We are currently enjoying our evening activities before heading back to finish our film from last night. Another brilliant day for all and hopefully another quiet nights sleep to follow. 

October 17, 2017
by eagle

Calshot Day 2

Our first full day at Calshot has been action packed! All 7 groups have had their first experience of the water activities today, including kayaking, sailing and the terrific trawler! Luckily, the weather was on our side all morning and the children all had fun. The afternoon saw a range of activities for all groups including, ringos, climbing, skiing, archery, initiative course and cycle skills. Another day where the children have all eaten well, with a large breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children are currently at their evening activities and then will go back to the house for showers and bed. Some of the children are very tired and the teachers are certainly hoping for more sleep tonight!! The children have all done their best to ensure Mrs Sankey has had a fantastic birthday and gave her a rather loud rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ after dinner. We are very proud of how the children have participated in all activities so far and we are looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow! Please enjoy a selection of photos below. 

October 16, 2017
by eagle

Calshot Day 1

After arriving here at about 11, the children were taken on a tour of the site by their activity instructors. We then had some time to make our beds before the fire alarm practise. After a very big lunch we started our afternoon activities which ranged from climbing to skiing! The children are currently enjoying their final activity of the day and they are all looking very tired and ready for bed.  They have settled in quickly and everyone seems happy with their groups and rooms! Photos will follow from tomorrow.

October 13, 2017
by eagle

Class collage

We have been researching the states which make up the USA and have almost completed our class collage. Our research included finding out a little bit about each state and looking into which materials we would like to use to make our map.


June 9, 2017
by eagle


This year for art week, our theme has been ‘people’ – focusing on either the past, present or future. In year 6 we have focused our work on the future.

Eagle class decided to work specifically with human hands. our final piece would be a sculpted hand, showing a particular symbol which would represent our future. our hands would then be painted using metallic paints to give them a real futuristic feel!

After spending some time researching different hand symbols, we decided on our favourite symbol and researched the meaning behind the symbol.  Everyone then sketched their favourite design, before teaming up in pairs to collaborate our ides to create one final piece between 2 people.

For our final design, we filled latex gloves with sand. We then used elastic bands to manipulate our sand gloves into our chosen designs and secured them in place. Next, we had to paper mache around our glove to solidify our symbolic design.

Once the paper mache had dried, we carefully selected colour schemes and began to paint our designs (after first painting on a base layer of silver).

Finally, we had to write a few short words describing our design, why we chose it and what it means to us!

You can see some examples of our work below!


November 11, 2016
by eagle
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Ally Sherrick Outstanding Author Visit


Ally visited the school last week to tell us about her book Black Powder.  It was a story of a boy called Tom on a mission to save his father from being hung and he finds himself mixed up in the Gunpowder Plot. She talked about her past and how she was inspired to write her book. We did a lesson on what makes a good spy and we had lots of interesting ideas. Ally brought in her printer’s copy of the almost finished book as they are printed as two and then cut in half.


I thought it was mind blowing  meeting Ally and enjoyed it when she was talking about her inspiration for Black Powder. I found all the historical facts really interesting especially all the gory moments.

Edie and Freya C