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This year for art week, our theme has been ‘people’ – focusing on either the past, present or future. In year 6 we have focused our work on the future.

Eagle class decided to work specifically with human hands. our final piece would be a sculpted hand, showing a particular symbol which would represent our future. our hands would then be painted using metallic paints to give them a real futuristic feel!

After spending some time researching different hand symbols, we decided on our favourite symbol and researched the meaning behind the symbol.  Everyone then sketched their favourite design, before teaming up in pairs to collaborate our ides to create one final piece between 2 people.

For our final design, we filled latex gloves with sand. We then used elastic bands to manipulate our sand gloves into our chosen designs and secured them in place. Next, we had to paper mache around our glove to solidify our symbolic design.

Once the paper mache had dried, we carefully selected colour schemes and began to paint our designs (after first painting on a base layer of silver).

Finally, we had to write a few short words describing our design, why we chose it and what it means to us!

You can see some examples of our work below!


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