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Hampton Court


This week as part of our topic on Kings and Queens we went to visit Hampton Court Palace which was most famously built by King Henry VIII. We got to learn all about King Henry and his 6 wives and see the portraits and visited his kitchen and apartments.


The kitchens were huge and we discovered huge pots of stew cooking which at first we thought were toilets.

 William III lived at Hampton Court Palace after Henry VIII and we got to meet one of his courtiers Lady Portland who showed us the difference between the Tudor and Stuart parts of the building. Tudors buildings were made from red bricks and had round pointy windows, whilst Stuarts had square windows and the buildings were made from white stone.

Lady Portland explained how the Tudor dynasty had ended and the Stuart era had begun, it was very complicated so we acted it out so that we could understand it better. She also helped us work out where the best place was to hold meetings so that the Jacobites couldn’t discover the Stuart secrets and she uncovered a Jacobite spy amongst the adults!



After lunch we got to meet Craig Hatto who is the architect in charge of the restoration of many of the royal palaces. He told us about a top secret project that he has been working on at Kew Gardens with the help of Blue Peter and the famous children’s author Cressida Cowell. We also found out that he too lives in Whitchurch.

It was a really interesting and insightful day and we learnt lots about the history of Kings and Queens in England.

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