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December 5, 2014
by lion


This week we have been learning a lot about world war one. We have been finding out what it was like living in the trenches. As a class we read a diary account written by a real soldier in world war one. It was very hard to believe the conditions during the war. We learned about some of the terrible infections suffered by soldiers in the war like trench foot and frost bite.

written by Daniel Horne.

November 27, 2014
by lion

Great Christmas Bake Off!

When we did cooking we made polish bread . You  will need : sugar ,butter , little bit of salt and yeast.

When you have all of that add some water . Put the mixture in a warm place and I should rise .

We  got some of the mixture and knead it. After that miss sentence brought the bread to her house and backed it.

We ate it and it was yummey!

By Beau and Henry



October 24, 2014
by lion

Camera Kids!

On the 22nd of October Camera Kids came in to talk to us about cameras and taking good photos. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures but more fun choosing our best one though. We also did a unexpected experiment by putting little droplets of water on a CD and then shining some brightly coloured lights over them. We found out that they shone like real lights!

By Emily B

October 24, 2014
by lion

Animation nearly done!

This term we have been doing animations on Wednesday mornings.  We have been making clips to make them into a short film. Some of us are nearly finished the clips. We have taken photos to make clips and then Mrs Belcher will make them into a film.

My group has nearly finished taking photos so Mrs Belcher made a short film to show the class.

By Jake B

October 12, 2014
by lion

Wet Play Fun!

As autumn has properly arrived, we often have been having indoor playtimes. Yet, the cold rain cannot stop us having fun!

Daniel and Dougie made this fantastic model using the wooden blocks on Thursday lunchtime. “This is almost perfectly symmetrical!” said the boys. Elsewhere, children have been enjoying to draw, to make models with Lego, to play chess or simply to read favourite books.



October 2, 2014
by lion


This term we are having an exciting topic on ICT animation with Mrs Belcher on every Wednesday mornings. We have been making background pictures using paint, pictures and stickers. We have made characters using pipe cleaners, googly eyes and lollypop sticks. One group started filming this week and others will be next week.

By Ella

September 26, 2014
by lion
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Macmillan Coffee Morning

026 043 IMG_0059  IMG_1691

At the Macmillan  coffee Morning chidren’s grandparents came to watch there granddaughters  and  grandsons sing. Some people were taking pictures of the grand parents and  other’s were handing out cookies, flapjacks, muffins, tea and coffee. After everyone had finished eating lions and panthers sang a song. when they had finished singing they went to there grand parents and took them out side to take a look at the animals and the children had a cookie that had pink or blue icing on them. When everyone had seen the animals the grand parents went home and the children went to there class room.




IMG_0083  By Abbie

September 19, 2014
by lion


This week  we had the first rugby session with Mr Filby. Rugby is a fun sport to play. Mr Filby is a very great teacher. He taught us how to try and not to look like laying an egg! We learned how to hold rugby ball properly. I would like learn more about rugby.


By Jake M and Gavin

Cycling challenge

September 12, 2014 by lion | 0 comments


In the summer holidays Ellen and her mum Virginia cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s end. Ellen didn’t cycle all the way but did cycled fifty miles. At John O’Groats it was very sunny and they saw people finishing and starting. They had to stay in there campervan for two weeks. They only cycled for ten days and had four rest days. At Land’s End it was very wet and cold. Virginia was very pleased that she had finished. They hope to raise lots of money for there charities.

By Ellen Phillips























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September 12, 2014
by lion

First day back

On the first day back I felt really nervous, so nervous I was shaking. Everything had changed like the line in the playground,the classroom and we have to go up and down different stairs. We also have a different teacher, called Mrs Keegan. We did a treasure hunt we had to find all the resources in the class and our trays.
I am very excited to have a good year!

By Sophie