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November 13, 2015
by eagle

Books, Books, Books….

During the last 2 weeks we have been looking at the Hampshire Illustrated Book Awards. This is a scheme in which Year 5 children across the county vote for their favourite picture book. We figured why let Year 5 have all the fun and got involved! We have looked at the following books and loved reading them all:

  • The Promise by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin
  • The Clockwork Dragon by Jonathan Emmett, illustrated by Elys Dolan
  • Hermelin, the Mouse Detective by Mini Grey
  • Winter’s Child by Angela McAllister, illustrated Grahame Baker-Smith
  • Lucky by David Mackintosh
  • Mr Wuffles by David Wiesner



We have completed various writing tasks based on these books. Sometimes reviewing and studying language and other times writing in character.


Today saw our final lesson of the Awards and we have been working hard to write a book review. We don’t want these to just be any old book reviews and agreed that they can be boring to write and to read. We didn’t need to look too far to find inspiration for a great book review as our lovely librarian, Mrs Clarke, is an expert!! We spent some time looking at her blog:


seeing how she makes her reviews so engaging and inspiring.

IMG_1298 IMG_1293 IMG_1295


Now we’re starting to plan and write our own reviews of one of the Hampshire Book Award titles… We’re hoping to share some on here and also maybe convince Mrs Clarke to advertise our great work with a link to our blog on hers!



Check back soon for some examples……


The Eagles!

November 9, 2015
by eagle

Spelling WB 2nd November

Year 5/6 Spellings

We will be looking at words with unusual grapheme phoneme correspondence.

Learn these 15 spellings.
















October 23, 2015
by eagle
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Day 4 and 5

Due to a lack of wifi in the building we had our final night celebrations in we were not able to blog last night. We had a really good time watching a film before an early night.


All packed up and looking forward to seeing you later



year6 x


October 21, 2015
by eagle

Calshot Day 3

Despite the weather we have had a great day at Calshot. The Wednesday ‘tired blues’ are, however, upon us and there were some sleepy faces at breakfast! These were soon banished by an array of great activities this morning……

Climbing – second session, Ringo-ing, Team Swing and Archery. Some of us climbed so high Mrs Alvis felt a little sick!!!


P1070342 P1070348 P1070355 P1070365 P1070390 P1070398 P1070406 P1070412 P1070458 P1070465 P1070466 P1070481 P1070486 P1070541 P1070553 P1070562 P1070586


This afternoon saw the rain stop and us head back to the water…. All groups were Sailing or Kayaking. A brilliant afternoon had by all but not too many photos as they were sooooooo far out to sea we couldn’t get them!


P1070674 P1070667 P1070662 P1070657 P1070656 P1070641 P1070623 P1070630 P1070631 P1070636 P1070637 P1070639 P1070622 P1070620 P1070621 P1070609 P1070608 P1070601 P1070592 P1070596 P1070599


Miss Jeffery and Miss Haighton swapped ‘shifts’ today and Miss Jeffery looks far too fresh and awake for our liking – time to induct her into the Calshot fatigue tonight and tomorrow! Mrs Newton also arrives tomorrow to take over from Mr Payne.


Evening activities are in full swing…..


P1070682 P1070690  P1070699


Tomorrow is some Forest Orienteering (out in the New Forest) and Trawling to name a couple of activities!


Much Love


Year 6 x

October 20, 2015
by eagle

Calshot Day 2

Well….. Mrs Alvis is pleased to announce that there was no noise past 11pm last night! We watched a film in our PJs and then retired for some well deserved rest!

Breakfast at 7.50am was a struggle but we were made a little perkier by the Full English and Cereal.

This morning saw groups Climbing, Skiing and in the Velodrome

P1070130 P1070134 P1070135 P1070140 P1070153 P1070161 P1070164 P1070165 P1070167 P1070195 P1070202 P1070212 P1070216 P1070219 P1070224 P1070230 P1070241 P1070242 P1070278 P1070280


Some fantastic heights and speeds achieved!


This afternoon two groups went Trawling (No instant blog photos as Mrs Alvis was in a Kayak!!) they did catch only the third ever Starfish though!

Groups 5 and 6 were Kayaking and the pictures are from the last 15 minutes which was fun time. Before this both groups (and teachers) were working hard on their kayaking skills….



P1070292 P1070295 P1070298 P1070299 P1070303 P1070307 P1070314 P1070318 P1070325 P1070327 P1070329 P1070333 P1070336 P1070338 P1070339


Some very wet children! We were very lucky with the weather and it was quite warm out there today!


Tonight we are doing ‘Egg Drop Challenge’ and ‘Rushing Rockets’


Missing you all!!!


Here are some photos of the beautiful sunrise we saw this morning and us chilling before brekkie!


P1070112 P1070116 P1070117 P1070118 P1070119 P1070121 P1070122 P1070123



October 19, 2015
by eagle

Calshot Day 1

A great first day…. We arrived about 10.30am and got straight into a tour. Lunch (Cheeseburger and chips) was followed by the first of our activities. They included: sailing, kayaking, initiative games and skiing. A great time was had by all with some conquering fears and worries already. Making our beds was a challenge but the teachers are quietly confident that sleeping in them won’t be so difficult. We are now off, after a scrum my dinner, to our evening activities – Rushing Rockets and Team Games.


Love from a very smiley and excitable Year 6!



100_8004 100_8006 100_8022 100_8038  100_8043 100_8046 100_8055 100_8056 P1060980 P1060983 P1060986 P1060988 P1060991 P1060995 P1060996 P1060998 P1070001 P1070002 P1070005 P1070010 P1070020 P1070022 P1070028 P1070030 P1070037 P1070038 P1070039 P1070043 P1070050 P1070059 P1070066 P1070072 P1070085 P1070093 P1070099 P1070104



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